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An official website of the Chester County Government.

Historic Preservation

Chester County is well known for its historic buildings, villages, hamlets, and landscapes that reflect and date back to our nation's 18th century founding and early settlements. This web page provides information on Town Tours and Village Walks, historic preservation planning, and historic properties.

Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism Plan

The Heritage Tourism Plan is a strategic, multi-year plan to identify, interpret, and market heritage resources and stories found throughout the County. Learn More


America 250

We are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the United States and Chester County on July 4, 2026! Learn More


Honoring Chester County's Legacy

Historic resources policy focuses on the County's enduring heritage evident through its diverse cultural history and distinct historic landscapes. Learn More

Town Tours and Village Walks

Town Tours and Village Walks

In it's 30th year, this partnership has provided a series of free summer walking tours throughout the county, from towns and suburban areas to villages and rural farm areas. Learn More


Campaign of 1777

In partnership with the regional Brandywine Battlefield Task Force since its founding in 1993, the county has been engaged in local and regional planning efforts related to the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777. Learn More


Historic Resource Mapping and Atlas Projects

Mapping historic resources raises awareness about various types of resources and how they relate to today's landscape setting. Learn More

Technical Assitance

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance regarding historic resources, preservation, and interpretation is available to the public, municipalities, partners, and others interested in the historic resources and heritage of Chester County. Learn More

Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel Heritage Partnership

The county has played a crucial role in the formation and growth of our nation through its 300 years of iron and steel industry. Learn More

County Policies

County Historic Preservation Planning Policies

Landscapes3, the comprehensive plan for Chester County, addresses historic preservation primarily in the Appreciate goal area. Learn More


eTools for Historic Preservation

eTools provide a starting point for municipalities seeking to address preservation and reuse of historic properties. Learn More

Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad Freedom Trail

This thematic trail is the keystone connecting the bi-state Harriet Tubman Scenic Byway to Independence Mall in Philadelphia, highlighting the role of the Underground Railroad in Chester and Delaware Counties. Learn More

Village Preservation

Town and Village Preservation

Many of Chester County's historic buildings are located in one of the county's 16 urban centers or 80 villages. Learn More


Historic Preservation Partners

Planning cannot be completed in a vacuum and is only as good as its partners. The County is fortunate to have many active historic resources partnerships. Learn More