Planning Guides

Utilize our in-depth guides on a range of topics to assist your municipality with effective planning and design strategies.

Historic GuideHistoric Preservation Guides

Guides focused on a variety of historic preservation topics, including adaptive reuse and village preservation. View Documents

Design GuideDesign Guide Series

These guides provide example policies, best design practices, and example regulatory strategies to guide municipal action and facilitate high quality development. View Documents

A+ HomesA+ Homes Series

This series of guides provides an overview of planning approaches and strategies municipalities should consider when addressing housing costs, missing middle housing, and housing needs of seniors. View Documents

Environmental GuidesEnvironmental Planning Guides

Guides focused on a variety of environmental planning topics, including conservation subdivision design and solar power. View Guides

Commercial LandscapesCommercial Landscapes Series

This planning series highlights the importance of repurposing significant commercial areas in Chester County and realistic strategies, recommendations and best practices. View Documents

MultiModalMulti-Modal Circulation Handbook

A consolidated reference guide on how to incorporate all transportation modes into contemporary land development site design. View Publication