CCPC Board Tours Upland Park

Posted June 26, 2024

Board Members

The Chester County Planning Commission Board typically hosts their meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at the Government Services Center in West Chester. However, to provide a unique opportunity for both the CCPC Board and the county, the Board hosts one meeting off-site each year.

This year's special meeting was held at Upper Uwchlan Township's Barn at Upland Park on Wednesday, June 12!

During this special meeting, the Board was able to enjoy a tour of one of Chester County's most historic farmhouses, barns, and corncribs — one that has been successfully preserved and adaptively reused as a popular park and place to enjoy.

Overall, the Upland Park property encompasses 56 acres of passive recreational area with paved and natural hiking trails. The Barn features an event space on the upper level with classrooms on the lower level that can be rented out to the public.

In fact, the historic Barn at Upland Park is featured in the county's Town Tours and Village Walks program taking place this Thursday, June 27! During the event, two of the first-floor rooms in the historic farmhouse will be open, in addition to a tour of the property.

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